Swatch Me

Curious to know if a shade you like on the website will suit you? Unsure of whether or not you should invest in a color?

Send us your picture along with the shades you like, and in a few hours, we will email you back a sample of what the lipstick would look like on you.

** Max limit of 3 shades

Things to Note:
  • Ensure to send an image where you are NOT wearing any lipstick
  • The picture you will receive will be a close approximation of what the lipstick might look like on you, and is not an exact representation
  • Factors like lighting, image resolution etc. play a role in the final output. The higher the resolution, the better the result is going to be
  • Choose an image where your face is relatively closer. Selfies work best in our experience. Do avoid images where your face would get too blurred when zoomed in
  • Avoid images where you are with someone else
  • Be sure to check your email!