How a Dog Made Me an Entrepreneur

A few months ago, on an otherwise insignificant evening, I went for my usual run to the beach near where I live. It was dark and I hadn’t gone very far when I stumbled upon a tiny ball of fear whimpering in the darkness. It was very much  an abandoned puppy. In the years of rescuing and fostering/adopting stray animals, it was not a sight I was unfamiliar with. But something about this particular canine made me bring him home. I cheekily named him Obi-Vaal Kenpuppy, and that was the beginning of a roller coaster ride of a lifetime. It is now 6 months later.

Now, you might wonder what all this has to do with lipsticks! The bond that I share with this dog is what gave me the courage to give up on a life of corporate slavery, and go into business on my own.

Makeup has been something of great interest to me. I personally find it empowering, and sometimes just the kick needed to cheer oneself up on a particularly off day. A splash of color on my lips would lift my mood up when I was down. I wanted to share this joy with others, who felt the same way about makeup and cosmetics. Being able to create something in itself is a beautiful thing. I found joy in the process of learning, and creating my products.

Fulfilment is a tough goal to have, and the journey to that goal became easier with Saagini. Every customer who tells me how much they enjoyed my products makes my day and gives me the courage and motivation to do more, and do it better. Saagini’s goal is to provide luxurious and high quality products that are also known for their simplicity and affordability.

So, here’s to all you makeup enthusiasts and people who are experimenting with makeup for the first time. I hope that you will find something to your liking in the treasure chest of this website.


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