Custom Foundation

Can’t find the right shade to match your skin tone?

For the first time in India, Saagini gives you a foundation tailor made to suit your specific skin tone. With Saagini’s Custom Foundation, you are sure to walk away with a huge smile and a jar of love in your hands!

How to order Saagini’s Custom Foundation:

Step 1: Buy Saagini’s Butter Mousse Foundation (Custom) product here

Step 2: WhatsApp 9500078099 or email [email protected] with your pictures. Read the instructions below on how to take the pictures we need (Don’t worry, we will contact you ourselves to get the information if we don’t hear from you after placing the order)

Step 3: Your Custom Foundation will be on its way to you in no time!


Follow these instructions carefully to make sure the foundation is a perfect match for your skintone:

– Hold the camera 10-12 inches from your face. (Not too close, No more than one foot)

No filters or special effects. Camera should be in normal mode

– Pictures should be clear and zoom-able. It should not be blurred and should not pixelate when slightly zoomed

– If you are using your mobile phone, use the back camera of the phone and not the front camera

– Pictures should be taken in natural sunlight, without the light making your face look brighter than the actual skin tone

– When taking the picture with artificial lighting, ensure the light is in front of you and you are facing the light. Also ensure that it is a white light and does not have any color to it

– Ensure that the pictures are an accurate representation of your actual skin tone, so that we will be able to provide you with the right shade of foundation. This is VERY IMPORTANT

– Ensure that the picture is as represented below, and not a group picture with other people (This happens, trust us!)

You’ll need to take 5 pictures:

(The below pictures are for representation ONLY, to indicate distance and angle of the pictures)

1) Front Facing:

2) Left Profile:

3) Right Profile:

5) From the top:

5) Front facing in artificial WHITE lighting:

** Saagini will not be held responsible for incorrect shade creation due to inaccurate images provided **