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Organic & All Natural Product Claims – The Truth behind the Exploitative Market That is Making Millions!

This topic and the information included in this article are applicable across industries and markets. However, I am going to keep this piece focused on cosmetic & skincare products. You must have often seen the terms “organic” and “100% natural” literally everywhere, on products you are interested in purchasing, and in marketing campaigns. But this

Skin Whitening/Lightening Products – A Ginormous Scam!

Let me start this article off by stating the obvious, which is sadly not so obvious to many. Skin whitening products are a result of racism. I live in a predominantly brown country. And yet, I grew up constantly being made self-conscious about my skin tone, which is somewhat browner than average. It took me

Full Face of Makeup – Quick Step by Step Guide

A lot of people have a lot of opinions about makeup in general. I personally feel that it is empowering, and is an art/skill that needs to be learnt. But thankfully, with the right products and the right approach, it is not a difficult result to achieve. This blog post is mainly to give you